FGAE Cervical Cancer Prevention Scale-up Initiative (CCP-I)

    Wednesday 29 June 2016, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

    The Family Guidance Association of Ethiopia(FGAE) has organized cervical cancer prevention training for 17 Health service providers working at Health Service delivery points (SDPs) of the Association located at 04 Regional states (Amhara,Oromyia,SNNPR,Afar) and two city administration of Ethiopia.

    The training conducted from June 13-23/2016 at FGAE In-service training Center, Addis Ababa through IPPF funded cervical cancer Scale-up program which increase the number of FGAE service outlets providing Cervical Cancer Screening and Treatment to 20.

    As part of the National initiative for prevention of Cervical Cancer Screening and Treatment scale-up, the training was aimed at producing qualified Health service providers to perform cervical cancer screening and treatment of precancerous lesions by VIA and Cryotheraphy and create access to the service provision.

    During the clinical attachment 146 eligible women (30-49years) screened for precancerous lesions and 06 of them managed by Cryotheraphy and 02 of them referred for further management. This depicts that cervical cancer screening helps to early identification of precancerous lesion and treat on timely fashion.

    Cervical cancer is the second most common cause of cancer affects women worldwide. Each year about 500,000 new cases diagnosed and over 250,000 deaths occur.
    The majority of cancers (over 80%) in Sub-Saharan Africa are detected at a late stage, predominantly due to lack of information about cervical cancer and a dearth of prevention services.
    According to HPV & related disease report of Feb,2016 it was estimated that 29.43 million women were at risks of developing cervical cancer in Ethiopia with an estimated 7095 and 3235 annual number of new cases and deaths respectively.

    Cervical cancer is potentially preventable, unlike other reproductive organ cancers. Effective screening programs can lead to a significant reduction in the morbidity and in mortality associated with this cancer.
    The “see and treat” method ensures adherence to treatment soon after diagnosis and reduces the risks that women will get lost in the referral system.

    VIA combined with Cryotheraphy (freezing of precancerous lesions of the cervix), ideally in a Single Visit Approach (SVA), is an effective and efficient strategy for 2o prevention of cervical a cancer in low resource settings.





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