Sexual and Reproductive Health Needs Media Attention

The Family Guidance Association of Ethiopia (FGAE) provided a half day workshop on comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) to media professionals, December 31, 2012 at Astara hotel. In the workshop journalists from print and electronic media participated.

The workshop basically aims at strengthening the professional journalists’ awareness on CSE so that they should be able to develop their knowledge and skill to address SRH issues to the public.

Ato Desta Kebede, Program Director, FGAE has made a power point presentation on FGAE organization profile, basic concepts about CSE and FGAE’s work related to the provision and promotion of youth-friendly services which the association avails to all young people irrespective of their sex ,marital status and financial situation.

The program director also described the participants about essential components of CSE( gender, SRH and HIV, sexual citizenship, pleasure, violence ,diversity, relationships ,principles of good practice) and roles all stakeholders including the media should play to include CSE in the existing curriculum.

In the discussion session participants on their side point out that to keep the sexual health of adolescent and young people lots work should be done on the provision of comprehensive knowledge on CSE , sorting out and working on cultural barriers that refrains the society from accessing information on Sexuality and the sexual and reproductive health.

The participants also said SRH should be considered as one of the pioneer health agenda and in order the country to have a healthy citizen attention should be given on different ways of disseminating comprehensive SRH knowledge to adolescents and young people .Thus to achieve this the government, the private sector and other stakeholders should support those institutions which work on SRH.

The workshop winded up after the participants agreed to write news and article in health column of their newspapers and even to broadcast SRH issues in the radio program.

A total of nine media professionals drawn from government communication affairs, government press and private newspaper participated, it was known.

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