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The Family Guidance Association of Ethiopia is a volunteer based organization which has been operating in Ethiopia for the past 45 years. The Association was established with few committed volunteers who were concerned about the sexual and reproductive health of the country. Through the long run of the Association, contribution of volunteers was vital for it to reach the level it has achieved today.
Volunteers in the Association run many activities ranging from their role in the governing body to service provision at grass root levels. So far, there are around 9,000 FGAE volunteers all over Ethiopia. The volunteer member’s number varies in different parts of the country. Both female and male are strong supporters of the Association. Youths are also part of the volunteer community in the program Wise Youth Action Movement for Health (WYAM), members of the YAM educate other youths in the community on different sexual and reproductive health issues as well as related social matters.
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If you wish to know more about FGAE, its activities & involvements, drop you contact details, we will get back to you.
FGAE is grateful and thankful to our donors and welcomes new partnerships. Without your contributions it would'nt have been possible.
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