The Family Guidance Association of Ethiopia (FGAE) is a national indigenous organization that acquires profound experience in the delivery of a wide range of reproductive health services. Established in 1966 as a non-government, not for profit making, voluntary organization, it has gone through a series of institutional developmental stages to assume its present status of national significance and recognition at the international level. It has been advocating for SRH rights for the last forty five years.
The organization has an extensive experience in training health professionals and other development workers in Family Planning (FP) and other Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) interventions. With thirty-four years of experience in training, it has trained about 6723 health professionals from government and non-government organizations. It has also trained 893 Community-Based Reproductive Health Agents, 561 rural women development agents and 876 Peer Service Providers. FGAE’s training helps service providers to deliver quality FP/SRH services. It equips supervisors with adequate knowledge and skills to bring about change.Its Model Sexual and Reproductive Health clinics, Youth Centers and Community based sites are practical learning and demonstration centers that serve a great number of trainees and visitors at national and international levels.
In 2010, FGAE is going to conduct a feasibility study to establish a health college in the next couple of years. When founded, the college will boost FGAE’s potential as a demonstration and center of excellence.
Stipulated in its Strategic Plan of 2009-2013 FGAE’s Vision is that it envisages a society where all people in Ethiopia, particularly young people have the right to enjoy full Sexual and Reproductive Health. To achieve its mission, FGAE conducts courses and provides consultancy services to organizations from its head office in Addis Ababa. Highly qualified professionals forming a multi-disciplinary team with in the fields of reproductive health, HIV/AIDS, population, and development, provide its services.
The FGAE team reflects strong field experience and profound knowledge of the Ethiopian social and cultural environment.
The Family Guidance Association of Ethiopia (FGAE) has over thirty-four years of training experience in the areas of Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) with focus on Advocacy, Information, Education and Communication/Behavioral Change Communication (IEC/BCC), Contraceptives methods, Community Based Reproductive Health Services, Adolescent Reproductive Health Services, Voluntary Counseling and Testing of HIV/AIDS, Care and Support, Gender and SRH Rights, Gender Based Violence (GBV) and many specific professional trainings.
As pioneer in providing FP services, FGAE training helps reproductive and HIV/AIDS service providers and decision makers to meet the unmet needs of current challenges. The Association has also a strong link with Federal Ministry of Health and Addis Ababa University Medical Faculty. For instance, every year every Gynecology and Obstetrics post graduate resident students have a one-month practical attachment to FGAE’s Addis Ababa Model Clinic mainly to acquire skills on Long term and permanent Family planning methods (LTCM).
FGAE’s practical and work related training enables participants immediately transfer their new skills into their work environment. The training approach at FGAE is flexible and incorporates a variety of training methods that enable Health Care Providers, Counselors, Community Agents and Youth Peer Service Providers who are addressing the Ethiopian Sexual and Reproductive Health challenges.
These ranges from formal presentation/lecture to seminars, workshops, clinical attachments, model practice and demonstration or to more informal on-the-job training and experience sharing visits to model sites. Formal training is conducted with group discussion, role-plays and practical fieldwork for a well-balanced approach. Highly experienced professionals (FGAE, Addis Ababa University and Ministry of Health with diverse expertise, provide excellent transfer of knowledge and skills.
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