RH Communication

1. To strengthen recognition of SRHR, including policy and legislation which promotes, respects, protects and fulfils these rights.
2. To achieve greater public support for government commitment and accountability for SRHR.
3. To raise the priority of SRHR on the development agenda resulting in an increase in resources.
1. Enhance the commitment of high level policy makers at national & regional levels towards adopting & implementing favourable policies for SRHR;
2. Increase resource commitment for SRH programs from government, development partners and private sectors;
3. Reduce socio cultural barriers that negatively affect the SRHR of the community;
4. Enhance institutionalization of advocacy in FGAE.
The overall objective of the project is to reduce cultural, policy and resource related barriers to implement SRH programs. The advocacy endeavors will target policymakers, development partners, donor communities and private sectors to increase the resource and policy commitments to strengthen SRH programs and protect the SRH right of people. The project will be implemented in the head office and some branches to bring about impact at both national and regional levels. The overall implementation of the project will be overseen by The ODM department with a close supervision of the Executive Director. Research and Evaluation and all other units from the HQ will be involved in conducted researches and advocacy activities that need their expertise.
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