Institutional Strategy


The Family Guidance Association of Ethiopia is a volunteer based organization which has been operating in Ethiopia for the past 45 years. The Association was established with few committed volunteers who were concerned about the sexual and reproductive health of the country. Through the long run of the Association, contribution of volunteers was vital for it to reach the level it has achieved today.
Volunteers in the Association run many activities ranging from their role in the governing body to service provision at grass root levels. So far, there are around 9,000 FGAE volunteers all over Ethiopia. The volunteer member’s number varies in different parts of the country. Both female and male are strong supporters of the Association. Youths are also part of the volunteer community in the program Wise Youth Action Movement for Health (WYAM), members of the YAM educate other youths in the community on different sexual and reproductive health issues as well as related social matters.
The National General Assembly is the highest decision making body of the Association comprised of volunteer representatives from the eight Area Offices. The National Executive Board composed of Chair Persons of Area Offices and the National Executive Committee is the second largest body while the National Executive Committee works closely with the Executive Director and the Management Committee on different policy issues. The same structure applies to the Area Offices where the Area Office Executive Committee supports the Area Manager and the Management Committee in the activities of the Area Offices.
Below is the organ gram of the Association.


The Capacity Building project is designed to contribute to the efforts being made to ensure strong, visible efficient, effective and sustainable Association that plays a leadership role in SRH. Programmatic activities should be supported by effective and efficient management of human, financial and material resources in order to meet organizational goals and objectives. Staff development is given primary focus with the aim of building organizational and technical capabilities, behaviors, relationships and values that enable individuals and groups to enhance their performance effectively and to achieve the development objectives over time. It includes people's ability and willingness to play new developmental roles and adapt to new demands and situations effectively. This will lead in strengthening the processes, systems and rules resulting in a more transparent Association that is more credible and trustworthy to stakeholders and development partners. Accordingly, various capacity building activities were planned since 2010 in order to create favourable enviroment for the effective and efficient implementation of programme strategies framed under the 5A’s.
Staff skill upgrading trainings, orientations, staff development (educational support) and staff meetings are conducted to improve performances at different levels. Infrastructural development is also carried out to facilitate the provision of integrated and friendly SRH service services at SRH Clinics and Youth Centers of the Association. Furthermore, essential medical equipments and supplies are/ will be procured so as to promote competitiveness and ensure provision of quality services.
The Executive Director & Director for Organizational Development & Management (ODM) Department are accountable to oversee the overall progress & implementation of the project. The Human Resource (HR) Management Division along with the Training, Resource Mobilization (RM) and Marketing Division will be responsible to coordinate and facilitate the implementation of the project activities. Area Office Managers are also responsible to closely follow up & execute activities planned at their respective areas. Trainings of various types will be conducted at different levels based on the needs identified by the Association and depending on the individual’s educational background and experience. Revision, development and institutionalization of resource management and other systems as well as infrastructural development will be implemented both at HQs and Area Offices. New organizational structure has been implemented since September 2011. Hence, it is planned to assess the impact of new organizational structure on the organizational effectiveness and efficiency. Follow up and assessment of its impact on the Association’s human resource management system will also be the main task in 2012.




All other projects and strategies undertaken by the Association during the year 2011 were directly focused to address the underserved clients through the direct costs indicated in the respective project budget. Besides the direct costs, there is a need to design project for indirect cost in order to smoothly run and carry out the operational activities to achieve the overall objectives.
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