1. Stigma and Discrimination - to reduce social, religious, cultural, economic, legal and political barriers that make people vulnerable to HIV.
2. Prevention - to increase access to interventions for the prevention of STIs and HIV through integrated, gender-sensitive sexual and reproductive health programs.
3. Treatment, Care and Support - to increase access to care, support and treatment for people living with and support for those affected by HIV.
4. Linkages - to strengthen the programmatic and policy linkages between sexual and reproductive health and HIV.
1. To reduce social, religious, cultural, economic, legal and political barriers that makes people vulnerable to HIV/AIDS;
2. To increase access to interventions for the prevention of HIV/AIDS/STIs through integrated, gender-sensitive SRH programs;
3. To increase access to care, support and treatment for people infected and support for those affected by AIDS;
4. To strengthen the programmatic and policy linkages between SRH and HIV/AIDS.
The HIV/AIDS program focuses on reducing barriers exacerbating vulnerability to HIV, increasing access to prevention, care and treatment and STIs management services as well as integration of these services in to other SRH/FP services in FGAE facilities. The HIV/AIDS program is undertaken through the strategies of integrated VCT, PICT, PMTCT & STI service in the facility and community outreach sites and referral approaches for ART and TB service at other relevant public facilities. The program is implemented by fifty three 53 SDPs under eight Area Office i.e. twenty SRH clinics twenty eight youth centers and five sex workers friendly clinics. Starting from the year 2010, under the Addis Ababa Area Office, FGAE launched sex workers friendly clinic that mainly serves most at risk population groups such as sex workers and partners, whereby monthly screening and STI diagnosis & treatment is the primary attention though integrated to other SRH services including VCT and/or PICT for HIV. This concentrated and target specific project addressing sex workers has been launched five clinics in high sex industry of four town namely Piassa and Markato clinic in Addis Ababa, Dessie, Bahir-dar and Adama. The sex workers clinics experience has been encouraging and the lesson from there has been inculcated in to the other FGAE service facilities to provide service among other clients.
All FGAE’s 53 service delivery modalities operated during the reporting year with the intention of addressing the pertinent HIV/AIDS problems, where by vital focus given to MARPs and the underserved young people in closer collaboration and partnership with government or public health facilities, civil societies and relevant other stakeholders. The target groups comprise of commercial sex workers and their partners, HIV affected and infected groups like PLHIV, HIV positive pregnant mothers as well as stakeholders with interventions at local level including government.
Both SRH clinics and Youth Centers strived in the promotion of HIV/AIDS prevention and provision of comprehensive SRH services, for which the yearly performance shows an encouraging achievement. This project has been implemented together with other SRH oriented projects of SDPs, as it is part and parcel of the Associations service packages. The SDPs under the AO reported that they have been carrying out project activities jointly with relevant government institutions at different levels, such as the Regional Health Bureau and HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control Office and other concerned stakeholders from the civil societies as well. The community and volunteers’ contribution is also an additionally notable component of the project evidenced in implementation process. Major activities planned in this year are to provide HCT service for 140,000 people through VCT and PITC approaches and STI service for 19,050 clients and PMTCT service for 30,600 pregnant women. Staffs from the head office and area office plan to give necessary support including training supportive supervision and monitoring. 
1. Sex worker friendly clinic established in four town (Addis Ababa, Bahirdar, Dessie and Adama) has been remarkable achievement in terms of addressing sex workers SRH service needs. Most of sex workers start monthly screening service and take condom supply from the clinics. Sex workers dialogue session among the sex workers create awareness for new sex workers on how to negotiate on safe sex practice.
2. Skill delivery service expansion in five FGAE model clinics create a good opportunity for HIV positive pregnant women to get skill birth service and ART prophylaxis’s in the same clinics starting from focused ANC, skill delivery and family planning with ART prophylaxis’s.
3. 270 community outreach sties address HCT, FANC and STI information and service needs for underserved and hard to reach community create an enormous opportunity for the community to easily access the service in their villages.
4. Service integration in the clinic also one of the success of the FGAE clinics that provide integrated and comprehensive service in one room with one providers increase access of different service for a client who need the service but previously limit access due to stigmatization. 
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