Adolescents & Young People

1. To promote participation of adolescents/young people in governance and in the identification, development and management of programs that affect them.
2. To increase access to comprehensive, youth friendly, gender-sensitive sexuality education.
3. To increase access to a broad range of youth friendly services.
4. To reduce gender-related barriers and practices which affect the sexual and reproductive health and rights of young women.
1. Increase young people’s awareness on their SRHR and available services;
2. Increase access to comprehensive, integrated, quality, gender sensitive and youth friendly SRH services;
3. Enhance young people’s involvement in governance and program management;
4. Reduce gender-related barriers and practices which affect the SRHR of young people.
The Urban Youth Centers under the eight Area Offices operate with the intention of addressing the pertinent SRH needs of young people where by vital focus given to the underserved young people in their vicinities. The target groups of intervention areas comprise of young people in the age range between 10 to 24 years of age. All Youth Centers strive for promoting awareness of young people towards SRHR through various IEC/BCC intervention activities such as youth dialogue facilitation and edutainment.
Moreover, the youth centers provide integrated SRH services to the youth including FP services, STI diagnosis & treatment, emergency contraception, HIV/AIDS related services such as testing, counseling as well as OI treatment and comprehensive abortion care among others. The Youth Centers are also exerting their efforts to strengthen young peoples’ involvement in governance, SRH Communication & Promotion and program implementation. Organizing youth in clubs, associations and WWYAMH for Health is believed to realize involvement of young people in the youth centres’ project interventions. Similarly, Project Advisory Committee (PAC) members selected from GOs & CBOs also play advisory role during the execution of planned activities with closer supportive follow up. Some of these youth centers have been implementing a project with the initiative of youth livelihood development.
The Rural Youth Project is one of the core projects implemented by the Association under the Adolescent and Young people program area. This project is mainly implemented by outreach programs attached to the youth centers previously identified as model youth centers. As in the urban youth project, the rural youth project is also implemented around four objectives which are similar to the urban youth project. There are activities carried out focusing on disadvantaged rural youth. These activities are aimed at reaching young people in rural areas with Comprehensive SRH information using different strategies such as community sensitization workshops, using media spots, organizing dialogue and edutainment sessions and availing recreational options that could attract young people to the service delivery points. It also strives to increase the access of rural youth to information by establishing/ strengthening information centers in rural communities and availing reading materials that are designed in their cultural context.
With the second objective, the project tries to address the SRH needs of young people by accessing them to youth friendly and comprehensive SRH services including FP, HIV/AIDS related services, STIs, comprehensive abortion care, infertility and Gyn care, etc Building the capacity of young people and increasing their involvement in programmatic issues and governance of the programs and projects is also another area of focus for the adolescent and young people program. Under this objective, young people are provided with various types of capacity building trainings including, leadership and management, life skills, job oriented skill trainings CC/ dialogue facilitation skills and technical and material supports for their holistic development.
The fourth objective of this project deals with removing the various socio- cultural and traditional gender related barriers that hamper young people’s access and utilization of services by raising awareness in the community and among the young people themselves.
A Case Story - Mulunesh from Wolkite
"I have changed my time of nursing into income" says Mulunesh. She lives in the rural town of Darge with her husband and has four children, aged 16, 14, 11 and 9 years of age. The children are 9th, 8th, 5th and 2nd grade students respectively.
Mulunesh, a witness to FGAE's service, says:
"I heard about family planning from a volunteer of Wolkite SRH clinic of FGAE and I am still using the service since 2003 G.C.. Thanks to FGAE-WYC, it started to provide Family planning service in our village and starts to teach and counsel us on the importance of family planning to health and wealth of the whole family and the country at large. "My children would never have been able to attend school unless I had been able to support the family in generating additional income. I run a tea shop near my village and it gives me my own income. If there are big decisions to be made in the family, I have a say. Nowadays, I’m healthy and active, become owner of a big warehouse, many rent houses, and I able to teach all of my children”.
Mulunesh concludes and suggests saying that:
“If I was not using Family planning, I would have been tired of so many children. Now I have the benefit of a smaller family. Male involvement, inter-family discussion, experience sharing, and male centered SRH services creates positive attitude of men towards the use of family planning and made them responsible to their mothers, wives and daughters’ reproductive health issues and improves the health of women & children health”.
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