1. To reduce socio-economic, cultural, religious, political and legal barriers to accessing SRH information, education and services.
2. To strengthen political commitment and support for SRH programs.
3. To empower women to exercise their choice and rights in regard to their sexual and reproductive lives.
4. To increase male commitment to SRH.
5. To improve access to SRH information and sexuality education using a rights based approach.
6. To improve access to appropriate high quality SRH services using a rights based approach.
1. Increase the level of awareness and understanding of all people on their SRH rights;
2. Increase access to quality, comprehensive, gender-sensitive and target-specific SRH services with particular focus on LT & PM;
3. Increase male involvement in SRH programs
FGAE’s Strategic Direction (2009-2013) focuses on promoting the utilization of long acting (Implants and IUCD) and Permanent FP methods. Hence, building the capacity of service providers and partners; improving the level of community awareness on the benefits of FP services; availing contraceptive supplies and participation of men in family planning has been given due attention.
For the last two decades, the Family Guidance Association of Ethiopia (FGAE) has been implementing comprehensive family planning program targeting underserved rural communities with high unmet needs through integrated community-based and outreach back up service delivery modalities. Commendable achievements have been observed in terms of mobilizing communities and creating sustainable demand for FP services. This best practice is now widely replicated by partner institutions including NGOs and the Government. Following the government’s move to deploy over 35,000 frontline Health service cadres named Health Extension workers and the government through its Health Extension program, FGAE shifted the role of its CBRHAs from FP commodity distribution to community mobilization linked to HEWs.
In 2011 the main focus of the Association was intensifying the link with the public health system and ensuring access to a broad range of FP methods with prime focus on LT PMs.
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