What is Contraception?
Contraception can be defined as any means to prevent pregnancy. 
There are both temporary and permanent methods of contraception.
Temporary methods are usually divided between:
  • Abstinence
  • Hormonal methods
  • Barrier Methods that prevent sperm from moving up the upper female genital tract
  • Devices placed into the womb 
  • 'Natural' methods
Currently, the only methods of contraception that also protect against HIV transmission are male and female condoms.
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Myths & Realities
This information is compiled from the online searchable Contraceptive Myths & Counseling Messages Database. It provides evidence-based information and counseling messages that providers around the world have used to dispel commonly-held contraceptive myths and misperceptions. Health care professionals can use this resource to correct misinformation and support informed decisions by helping clients understand the facts on how contraceptive methods work, on who can use them, their possible side effects, and much more.
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