Family Guidance Association Of Ethiopia In Progress!

Family Guidance Association of Ethiopia (FGAE)   has been celebrating annual FGAE DAY since 2008 in Addiss Ababa. Since then it has been celebrated annually in Bahr Dar, Hawassa, Mekele,  Adama, Addia Ababa and now EAO (Chiro).

Police Marsh Band Youth Club Members Marching around the town doing Promotion Activities

The 7th Family Guidance Association of Ethiopia (FGAE) Day was carried out in the presence of high level government dignitaries, donor representatives, Civil society organizations, private sector and the community at large in the oromia region known “Chiro”town in FGAE-EAO. The annual event “Motto” Slogan was on “Empowering Women and Youths by Ensuring Choices”, that motivated all stakeholders to pay attention to SRH and even to contribute their share towards the government effort of reducing maternal death and creating a healthy young generation. The main objective of the event was to promote the integration of GO,NGOs and the private sectors to work together to the national Sexual and Reproductive Health Scheme which was glorified with research paper presentation on SRH,FP 2020, HIV/AIDS in Haramay University, Quality service Provision in FGAE-EAO service areas, and FP, photograph exhibition that showed FGAE’s historical undertakings, Police Marsh band and youth music /Drama club promoted the FGAE SRH Services by moving around and in the town. There was also an inauguration Ceremony of Chiro SRH clinic that helped for promotion as well. The event gave an opportunity for the government donor organizations, volunteers and the Community at large to actively participate in and be part of FGAE Family planning and reproductive health initiatives. This Event gave an opportunity to build FGAE‘s image properly.

Panelists/Presenters and Certificate Awards in the Inauguration of the Chiro SRH Clinic


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